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The importance of Video Marketing

Online marketing spend grows every year. In fact, some analysts predict that this is the year that online ads budgets will surpass traditional print. So while search, social media and banner ads can all be effective and worth adding to your marketing repetoire, don’t forget about the medium growing as fast or faster than all of them – video.

Tips on cataloguing your video footage

Most organizations at one time of another take their own video, but spend very little time cataloguing it. So when it comes time to use it – you have no idea where it is, or even the contextHere are some practical tips on keeping track of your footage.

How to deal with a Social Media Crisis.

By definition, a social media crisis is a series of communications or interactions  in social media that can undermine your brand and/or reputation. It goes beyond the normal public venting or frustrations that are commonly found in social media. It may not be the...