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In Early February we went on a shoot to Ghana, West Africa with our clients, the Canadian Hunger Foundation a Canadian international development organization.

During this sojourn, we gave a two day workshop to some members of both the Canadians and their Ghanaian partners.


The purpose of the workshop was to teach basic to advanced methods of video documentation and creative techniques to develop a quality product for their future projects.

During each section of the course, members were encouraged to ask questions with regards to their production concerns.

Eureka moments 

Throughout the course we could see or even hear the Eureka moments in which they started to grasp and understand the important concepts they had previously not known or understood. This, from a personal point of view, is very rewarding!

The range of topics we taught them were theoretical, such as shot composition and shooting in preparation for editing, to the more technical aspects such as proper equipment usage and maintenance.

Learning Camera or Equipment Quirks

On the second day of the workshop, we went over their equipment and used our years of experience to help them figure out all the quirks of their cameras.

We also made recommendations on which equipment they should be obtaining based on their current financial resources. They were a very enthusiastic group of people who had a lot of fun learning and walked away excited to tackle their next projects.

Dave Johnson