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Relevant Skills for NGOs

SDC Video has international experience in developing countries working on development related issues.

International Experience:

  • Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Peru.

Experience based on:

  • Broadcast productions on African and Latin American issues
  • Video productions for NGOs
  • A radio series that produced more than 500 stories on development related issues distributed to private radio stations

Our services relevant to NGOs

Videos for institutional donors.
SDC specializes in videos that link projects to important policy frameworks  while still engaging an audience.

Videos for supporters.
We produce engaging videos for supporters wanting see the impact of their donations.

General issue videos
These videos provide an audience a broad foundation of knowledge on particular issues important to an NGO.  Ideal for campaigns.

Video Inserts
These are short video elements, for example, interviews clips or stories that can be inserted into PowerPoint or Prezi.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) 
Short videos for fundraising or awareness campaigns to be used for websites or television.

Explainer videos and graphics
These are short film that use motion graphics to explain an important issue.  It can be for internal uses, such as, for new employees and volunteers or for a more general audience.

Re-purposing video
Many NGOs shoot their own video, but don’t know what to do with it once it is shot.  SDC can edit and produce short video stories or elements that can be used on websites or presentations.

Photo Shoots
SDC Video also provides photo services.  It can shoot an event or location and also provide website quality images from exisitng footage.

Additional Services

Workshops: Video for Communicators

  • We provide workshops for communication professionals who are required to produce video as part of their responsibilities but not formally trained in field production and editing.

Integrating Video into Communications

  • Video has a distinct workflow that can either enhance or hinder the role of a communications department. SDC Video works with communicators to develop effective video workflows to leverage existing communications tools and effectively distribute material online.

Buying Decisions

  • SDC Video will work with departments to source the right equipment with specific budget and communication needs. Furthermore, we point out buying decision that may not be appropriate for your working environment.

Work Samples



African Women Join Hands Against Domestic Violence gives an inside glimpse of the lives of African women and girls forced to flee abuse. The video production tells how a unique partnership between a Canadian agency and two African organizations is working to combat an epidemic of domestic violence.


A Climate for Change is a video produced by SDC Video Production for the Canadian Hunger Foundation based in Ottawa, Canada.

This corporate video was shot in Northern Ghana near and around Tamale about their projects designed to increase village resilience to climate change.

The focus audience was institutional funders.


Public Service Announcement for “Open for Justice” campaign.

The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA)  unites over 20 environmental and human rights NGOs, faith groups, labour unions, and research and solidarity groups across Canada who advocate for federal legislation to establish mandatory corporate accountability standards for Canadian extractive companies operating abroad, especially in developing countries.


More Works Samples can be found on our

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