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Ghana-Dave-SteveThe wonderful thing about this job is that you get a chance to meet really interesting people in really exciting places.

The video shoot for the Canadian Hunger Foundation was no different.

Over two weeks  in February, we filmed and wrote stories about some of the wonderful work the Ottawa-based agency does in Ghana, West Africa.

Their income generating projects are making a clear difference for the villages that are suffering droughts and floods because of climatic change.

Support CHF

Anyone looking for a good cause to support, they should really consider donating to CHF  through one of their Gifts that Matter programs.

This was not my first trip to Africa, having already visited South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia on other projects, but it was my first time in West Africa.  And it’s a great experience to be back in Africa and exposed to hospitality only Africa can bring.

They were more than generous with their time as we went through our various set ups to get just the right shot in temperatures that would go over 40 most days.

Popular with Kids

Dave Johnson, SDC’s sound guy, was popular with the kids. His “furry,” the sleeve around the shot gun mic that keeps the wind noise to a minimum, became somewhat of a mascot.

The CHF staff members, Michael Jones and Anne Leite were great to work with.  Even though they were the “clients,” they were excellent crew and they would be an asset on any shoot.

Steven Hunt