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Searching for Balance

World Wildlife Fund and Canada in Costa Rica
Steven Hunt

Steven Hunt

Producer, Writer, Director

Roland Pirker

Roland Pirker

Director, Producer

Producer of more than 700 film and video productions and documentaries.

Searching for Balance

Costa Rica has five percent of the world’s total biodiversity. But it is being depleted as forest are being converted to farm land and other uses. It is affecting the productivity of the land as watersheds are destroyed and fragile soil eroded.

Searching for Balance is a story of Canadian and Costa Rican cooperation to find a balance between the differing demands for the land where wildlife and humans can co-exist.

With the support of the Canadian government, the World Wildlife Fund Canada focussed on the overlap between community development and landscape conservation, to help preserve the life-supporting ecosystems that nourish humans and wildlife.

Complex Reasons for Deforestation

The reasons for deforestation are the result of a complex combination of factors that include new demands on land from agriculture, cattle ranching and mining to provide for a growing population and an expanding economy.

At other times, it is an issue of rural poverty that limit the options for rural populations but to cut down the forest for agriculture or ranching.

After their land has been drained of its productive abilities because of poor land farming techniques, these families move on to find new forested areas to clear.

Other issues such as illegal logging, mining and the heavy use of chemicals for products such as bananas have also played a role.

Video Production Broadcast on Vision Television

Broadcast on Vision-TV, the production is a story of Canadian and Costa Rican cooperation.

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