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Shoot: Experiment 467

We had a great time shooting Experiment 467 at the Diefenbunker.

The Diefenbunker was built in 1959-61 to house Canadian leaders during a nuclear attack but now serves as Canada’s Cold War Museum.

It works out to be a wonderful set filled with equipment – medical and office equipment – that comes straight out of that time period.

Furthermore, the staff is really quite helpful and allowed us to do the project the way we wanted to.

We really want to thank everyone who made this possible. It was a really small cast and crew and everyone worked really well together and we were able to do the complete shoot in about 12 hours.

  • Dylan Hunt-Weeks – Director/Writer
  • Steven Hunt – Producer/Videography
  • Dan Desmarais – Cast
  • Brennan Martin – Cast & Crew
  • Michael Jackson – Cast & Crew
  • Susan Murdock – Voice/Crew


Steve Hunt