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Skype is an Internet phone service that has become quite popular over the past few years. It has about 663 million registered users as of 2010.  It’s easy to use and free between Skype users.

Video Interviews

More recently we are seeing Skype being used for video interviews by bloggers and provides a great opportunity for international development agencies and others that may be supporting projects overseas.  Assuming they have access to a broadband connection, you can simply get your counterpart on Skype, interview them and then post it on your own website. If you have some footage from the project – you can mix it into the interview.

Video recording software

But to do that you are going to need some extra software.  There’s lots on the market right now Evaer, IMCapture, Pamela and Vodburner.  All of them are relatively good and can be used to capture both sides of a conversation. Once the interview is over, you save it for use by an editing software.


My current favorite is Vodburner, primarily because it has editing software built in.  While I could load the video up into my professional suite, I am just as happy cutting it  right after the interview.  Since the software records both sides of the conversation –  my face listening and asking questions and the guest talking – it gives the interview that “in studio” broadcast look – of course without the sophistication.

Are these software packages free – no – but relatively inexpensive – but well worth it if you plan to do these type of interviews for your website.

If you want to see it an action.  Check out James Woodcock’s  interview with  Jeremy Hague from Netralia regarding its software Vodburner.


If you need a short primer on how to do a videocam interview check this video out from ThinkMediaTV


For Mac users – a good choice is Call Recorder.

Check out  these steps on how to do record a video interview on webcam.