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Lately we seem to have become quite partial to the new(ish) Sony PMW200.   It’s the successor to Sony’s well respected PMW-EX1/R camcorder which supports the 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 codec and MXF recording.

The specs are quite respectable. It has three 1/2-inch Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors (1920×1280) and has about 52 different video formats to work with.

Furthermore, the data rates match its bigger XDCAM brothers and work seamlessly with it. Moreover, its specs meet the standards by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for long-form TV and documentaries.

While it doesn’t match the specs of the RED cameras, it certainly has a very efficient workflow. When you need fast turnarounds, there is no need to worry about working with 4K raw files that need to be processed that will slow down your project.

It’s very much a run-and-gun camera that is great for documentaries.