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YouTube introduced its own video editor about a year ago and therefore basic editing is now quite easy.

It will not replace Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premier for sophisticated productions, but you can upload, edit and post in a simple workflow.

Think about it, if you are in Kenya, you can shoot today, upload footage that evening – and have excerpts for your organization’s website the following day.

Moreover, it can be in HD without the need of a powerful computer because its all web-based.  Google’s servers provide the editing power.

Of course, this assumes you can upload the footage from your location in the first place and live with YouTube’s restrictions on length of a clip (15 minutes).  But with some planning you can do it.

Right now I use it with colleagues who are not in the same city as I am.  I take professional footage – add time code – and they then select clips from interviews.  All I have to do is check out the time code on the final product.

Here is a short video on CNET  that explains the Google’s video editor.