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Videographers: Why expect to pay more?

As most videographers, I never quote a price for videographer services unless I talk to the client first.  I am not hiding my rates, I just need to understand the overall requirements of the shoot. My first thought is sometimes: Do you really need a professional...

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Event Video

Event video is often not used effectively. It’s considered to be expensive without providing much return on that investment. Here are some common mistakes. Thinking that event video is primarily for the archives. Too often the raw video ends up in someone’s office...

Production of Past Redemption – August to September 2015

The web series Past Production goes into production during August and September 2015.

Past Redemption is a character-driven series about survival in a small impoverished town, where the options are primarily being law abiding and therefore a life of poverty or petty crime where your prospects improve dramatically.

Workshop Ghana

In Early February we went on a shoot to Ghana, West Africa with our clients, the Canadian Hunger Foundation a Canadian international development organization.

Ghana Shoot Wraps Up

The wonderful thing about this job is that you get a chance to meet really interesting people in really exciting places. The video shoot for the Canadian Hunger Foundation was no different.

Outtakes to Films

We all shoot far more than we can use in any one film especially when you shoot documentaries. Inevitably, most shots end up on the cutting room floor (or more like a discarded hard disk) never to be seen again.

What cameras are we using?

Lately we seem to have become quite partial to the new(ish) Sony PMW200. It’s the successor to Sony’s well respected PMW-EX1/R camcorder which supports the 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 codec and MXF recording.

Content marketing is critical to social business

Content Marketing is a fast growing segment of the overall marketing mix, if you will. It ranges from the marketing and sale of content (think ghost writing or content farms) to the specialized ability to leverage an idea or concept for publishing across a number of channels.

YouTube's video editor

YouTube introduced its own video editor about a year ago and therefore basic editing is now quite easy.

It will not replace Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premier for sophisticated productions, but you can upload, edit and post in a simple workflow.

Video Interviews on Skype

Skype is an Internet phone service that has become quite popular over the past few years. It has about 663 million registered users as of 2010. It’s easy to use and free between Skype users.

Interview Tips

Here are some pointers about doing video interviews for your organization. It’s NOT a detailed discussion only a few pointers to keep in mind.