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Creative Workflow

How the work gets done.

Step ONE

Understanding the client’s needs. 

We work with clients to refine their message and discuss different approaches before we develop the creative brief.

First, we learn about the purpose of the production and what issue the client is addressing and where the audience will watch it.

We also discuss important deadlines and sign-offs.

Step TWO

The Creative Brief

This is an overall description of the product from a presentation perspective.

It describes its purpose, the look and feel. For example, is it whimsical or hard hitting? Does it have extensive interviews or a narrator? Will it look and feel like a documentary or feature story, or a comic animation.

“The end result was a film which audiences have uniformly found very moving and a testimony to our social justice work.

Inter Pares, Canadian NGO



Project Plan 

Once a creative brief is agreed upon, we begin to develop a work plan that has a series of milestones and goals.

It will contain key sign-off points and defined deadlines for both client and producers.





Depending on the size of the project and its nature, preproduction may be a separate step that includes additional research such as pre-interviews of people to be interviewed.

In a live action shoot, a production schedule of the shoot and various logistical issues will be defined and resolved.

A detailed production plan is also developed at this stage.


I can honestly say they went beyond my initial expections…… the videos have been used to spread the lessons of each project.”

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions


Shooting Script

Once research is completed, a general outline script is developed in the context of what needs to be shot in a production along with a shot lists of important footage.

Step SIX


This is where we bring out our cameras and production equipment and carry out the plans.

…. We found working with SDC a great experience. They guided our thoughts and the process with skill and professionalism
and managed to capture a complex subject in terms that were understandable to a general audience.”

Perley and Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre


Post Production

We first capture and/or ingest the footage onto a hard disk designed for video.

We then review the material and begin organizing it. The writer then works with the video editor to produce the first draft or “rough cut.” Once the first draft is completed, a “scratch track” or reference narration is added. The client reviews the video, makes suggestions and a second version is created. In most cases, the video will be approved by the third cut.

Once the video is approved, the color is corrected, the sound is mixed and final graphics are added and a new final narration is added.


Final Delivery

We will produce the final video in a number of different formats.

Most clients prefer the video delivered on a DVD or Bluray and versions for the Internet, such as for YouTube on a digital disk or thumbdrive.

We can produce most other formats that a client might request.

We very much appreciate the way SDC Video approached the work: consulting us on every step but at the same time, suggesting options a bit out of the box to involve us in the creative process.

Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability,
a coalition of 28 organization that includes Amnesty
International, Kairos and Steelworkers.


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