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The web series Past Redemption goes into production during August and September 2015.

Past Redemption is a character-driven series about survival in a small impoverished town, where the options are primarily being law abiding and therefore a life of poverty or petty crime where your prospects improve dramatically.

Add to this, Redemption and the rural communities past redemption are historically seen as the birthplace of a major crime family – the Wesleys. While the Westleys crime family moved out of the of the region 2 or 3 decades before – as did many businesses – it left behind a moral corrupt environment where crime was considered to be a proud tradition in the region. Furthermore the Wesley name, carries a certain threatening tone to it, even if the Redemption Wesleys have little or no contact with the crime family in the big city.

Past Redemption website: http://pastredemptionseries.com/webseries/